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Create & manage your very own community with HN+

Love HackerNews? HN+ includes everything you love about HN to start your own.
Then make it awesome with our additional features.

Feels like HN, works just like HN.
HN+ has everything you love about HN. That familiarity will get you starting quickly and you'll kickstart your community immediately.
Manage with a powerful admin panel.
With HN+, you can configure & manage your community from our powerful & intuitive admin panel.
Connect your own domain.
Gor your own domain? Use it for your HN+ community. We enable HTTPS automatically - simple!
Submit better posts.
Use a standard textarea or Markdown editor to submit posts. You can also allow links, images and videos to be displayed.
Categories, tags and drafts.
Add your own categories and tags. Posts can be automatically or manually saved as drafts - all configurable.
Translate entire site.
Change every text that appears on your site using our translation feature (even to another language!)
Custom pages & links
Add your own custom static pages (e.g. About us) and links to better engage with your community members.
Style it the way you want
Upload your logo, change colors, fonts, text sizes of various elements on your site to truly make it unique.
Make it a private site
Turn your site into a private community with a single click. Comes with a member review & approval flow built-in.
Content approval process
Moderate all of your submitted posts by reviewing and approving them. Entire process is built-in and can be turned on with a click.
Notification settings
Allow your members to receive email notifications when someone comments or replies to keep your members engaged.
Roles & Permissions
Set roles with permissions and delegate admin & moderation tasks to other people to maintain your site's quality.

HN+ Pricing

Start free. Then pay as your community grows. No lock in. Cancel any time.

$0 / month
Up to 30 members
Up to 50k pageviews
HN+ Sub-domain
$6 / month
Up to 100 members
Up to 500k pageviews
Add your own domain
$10 / month
Up to 500 members
Up to 1M pageviews
Add your own domain
$20 / month
Up to 1,000 members
Up to 3M pageviews
Add your own domain
$30 / month
Up to 2,000 members
Unlimited page views
Add your own domain
$50 / month
Up to 10,000 members
Unlimited page views
Add your own domain
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